Disruption is everywhere these days. Whether it’s Amazon and Kogan disrupting traditional retail, Facebook and Google disrupting print and television advertising, or Netflix disrupting pay TV, it’s impossible to avoid. Incumbents face the dilemma of disruption: adapt to new ways and risk hurting their existing business, or stick to their existing model and risk becoming redundant in an ever-changing world. At the forefront of digital disruption are the global tech giants; Amazon, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Google, and Facebook, to name a few. This week’s guest on Livewire’s Rules of Investing is Alex Pollak, CEO of Loftus Peak, which specialises in investing in these global disruptive businesses. In this episode, we discuss which firm has the best CEO, whether the Chinese firms can challenge the Americans on their own turf, and whether technology stocks are in a bubble.


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David Roberts

the AUD is sitting around 80c USD and the government wants it around 70c or below and the RBA is talking about 2 rate rises - aren't these scenarios incompatible. I've bumped up my International funds, ETFs, LICs to around 55% of my portfolio on the basis that the AUD must fall sometime soon and I will gain by currency movement. Am I going to wait in vain?