Last week our digital marketing person asked if we could write about Trump this week. Why, I asked, since everyone has already written on it? "Umm, turns out people aren't as interested in the Asian airline sector as us". In a world of President-elects on twitter at 3am abusing the New York Times, click-bait is everything. So we got the election call wrong. Like most people. But perversely, our view that markets rise into year end, has withstood the the election result! So what did we get wrong? Some introspection never hurts and we took the time over the weekend to write out our analysis, along with some of the lesser discussed parts of the results. If you don't know why Gary Johnson mattered, you should read the blog.. (VIEW LINK)


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Jordan Eliseo

Spot on Chad re the comment about Demoncrats losing more than Trump winning - the Swing States in the Mid-West in particular were only +1m for Trump v McCain in 08, Clinton was -2m v Obama....Good Read!

Chad Slater

Thanks Jordan - glad in amongst all the Trump articles we were able to add something that was new(ish).