Uranium has been the most-hated commodity since 2011 - and the Global X Uranium ETF, which tracks global uranium miners, is down by 90% over the last six years. But since the Trump election victory, international uranium stocks have soared by 59%. The market is speculating that the Trump administration will be much more favourable for nuclear power. If that’s true, then it would mean far less regulatory hurdles for nuclear power, and likely even funding to bring more power plants online in the United States. Uranium has so far missed out on the price resurgence that was afforded to crude oil, natural gas (in the US) and even thermal coal. Uranium didn't confirm a possible bottom until the end of November 2016 and has since been supported by production cuts of 10% by the world's biggest supplier, Kazakhstan. Three junior uranium plays with real projects that have performed well over the past few months include Boss Resources (ASX: BOE) - South Australia, Berkeley Resources (ASX: BKY) - Spain, and Deep Yellow (ASX: DYL) - Namibia.

Alex Cowie

Thanks Gavin. Uranium looks a bit like coal this time last year. Any insights as to why PDN moved strongly last week?

Gavin Wendt

Hi Alex, it seems to be pretty much related to a strong market move in all actual uranium-producing stocks, including ERA for example on the domestic market, plus a host of overseas players. You're right re uranium - no one will believe it until they see it - it's been in the doghouse for so long.