It is estimated that 30 gigawatts of renewable energy will come onto the market in Australia over the next decade. Cameron Brownjohn, CEO of Federation Asset Management, describes this growth in renewables as a ‘profound opportunity’ but one that will have clear winners and losers.

He explains that poor decisions about where to build power plants and how forward contracts are negotiated are two of the risks that his experienced team seeks to mitigate. Brownjohn believes that Federation has identified an ASX listed company with an extensive development pipeline in the renewable energy sector that is underpriced and under-appreciated by the market.

In this short video, he introduces the company, outlines the investment case and explains how Federation plans to unlock the value that they have identified.

Federation 2020 Capital Raising - Now Open

Federation aims to be Asia-Pacific’s leading investor in renewable energy, health and education real estate, and private companies with strong growth potential.

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