renewable energy

Mark Gordon

One of the key issues facing solar and wind power is how to effectively utilise them when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. The answer is in batteries, and in the case of domestic applications we have the recently released Tesla Powerwall amongst others. However for larger... Show More

Nathan Lim

Money magazine came by and asked for our thoughts on why investors need to look at renewable energy. Australian Ethical invests in renewable energy across its funds, but you will find the highest concentration of renewable investments in its award-winning International Shares Fund, which has a ‘smart energy’ thematic. For... Show More

Nathan Lim

Victor Bivell at Eco Investor asked for our perspective on cleantech investing and how one should be positioned going forward. Over the past five years, the total return for your typical cleantech investor was 9.9% due to the poor performance of solar and wind. However, since bottoming in 2012, solar... Show More