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VGI Partners, which was founded by Robert Luciano in 2008, has three key tenets; capital preservation, superior long-term compound growth, and concentration. Since inception in 2009, the VGI Partners Master Fund has generated a compound annual return of 14.6% p.a. to June 2017. 

Until now, there’s been no way for investors with less than $1 million to invest. With the upcoming VGI Partners Global Investments Limited IPO, investors with a minimum of $5,000 to invest can now access the same investment strategy.

The Offer sets a number of precedents as all IPO costs will be recouped by the Company meaning no options are required and the Day 1 NTA will equal the issue price. In addition, the manager will pay the vast majority of operating costs.

The VGI Partners Global Investments Limited IPO closes this Friday, for more information please visit the company website.

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