2015 AGM

We have today released our review of the main 2015 AGM season and a summary of our activities is provided in the note available at https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/archives/14119 Prospective subscribers can request access to the full report by contacting us https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/contact-us January 2016 features the Board Spill Meeting for Samson Oil and... Show More

Evidence of shareholder dissent in the poll voting results for two resolutions - the remuneration report (79.87% for) and the resolution to elect Peter Richards as a director (82.82% for). I recommended a vote against both of these resolutions and I'm sure I'm not alone in doing so. So why... Show More

Today's AGM note features results for ANZ, Elders, Incitec Pivot and National Australia Bank...plus Lemarne Corporation Limited avoided a second strike. https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/archives/14102 Show More

Clime Asset Management

The recent AGMs of both Westpac and Woolworth’s came and passed with remarkably little stress for the incumbent boards. Whilst the Westpac Board received a rebuff of 16% against its remuneration report it was well short of the required 25% to make the Board stand up and take notice. However,... Show More

The Daily AGM Note for today features the AGM results for DuluxGroup, but also the outcome of the AGM and EGM results for Metgasco. The other key AGM today is Ten Network Holdings and some dissent on the remuneration resolutions is evident. You'll find today's note at this https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/archives/14088 Show More

The provisional lists of companies receiving a first strike at the 2015 AGM can be found at this https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/archives/14061 . As always, I suggest you don't get carried away about the size of the strike but simply note there was a strike. The pattern of shareholdings in the company and... Show More

Today's note is available: three AGMs today where the 2014 poll results showed a strike against the remuneration report, the 2013 AGMs were fine, yet there is no conditional Board spill resolution on this year's AGM agenda. A number of second strikes today, but no Board spills. First strikes at... Show More

With the main AGM season almost over (Monday 30 November features several two-strike AGMs), I take a look at key AGMs scheduled for December 2015. Three of the big four banks hold AGMs this month. ANZ's AGM agenda features two shareholder-requisitioned resolutions: one on climate change which is an ordinary... Show More

DuluxGroup's upcoming 2015 AGM seeks shareholder approval to make interest-free, limited recourse loans to the executive Directors. The loans are to purchase shares, to held on trust. The loan amount is repayable at the end of the three year performance period. Because it is limited recourse the executive at worst... Show More

Today features several All the Majors AGMs including Primary Healthcare (no second strike), Seek and Woolworths (all well supported on polls), as well as Bank of Queensland (all well supported on polls) and IOOF Holdings (all well supported on polls). Already today there has been a second strike but no... Show More

Only one of three resolutions put to shareholders passed at this morning's AGM for McAleese. Another issue evident today is when does a company incur a strike. I've previously discussed this issue in this note from 2014 https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/archives/7872 When you read today's note, scroll down to the other AGMs and... Show More

Daily AGM Note is available and updated progressively throughout the day. QUBE Holdings 2015 AGM today saw all resolutions well supported on polls...with the share grants to the MD/CEO attracting a lower level of support than the other resolutions. ASX Listing Rule 7.1A resolutions seeking an additional 10% placement capacity... Show More

The Daily AGM note for Monday 23 November 2015 is available and is updated progressively through the day as results become available. Lynas Corporation's remuneration report vote was 78.76% on a poll. Healthscope's first AGM saw all resolutions pass but with nuances evident in the voting. You'll find the note... Show More

Evidence of shareholder dissatisfaction at Slater and Gordon...not with the remuneration report, but with the grants to the Executive Directors. A second strike, but no Board Spill at SDI ...and some director election resolutions at other AGMs attracting significant proxy instructions to vote against. The Daily AGM note is updated... Show More

Last of the big AGM weeks for the season and several AGMs with a contingent Board Spill resolution on the AGM agenda, including Harvey Norman Holdings and Primary Healthcare, plus a selection of smaller companies. Other AGMs of interest this week include Healthscope, Goodman Group, Qube Holdings, Bank of Queensland... Show More

So far today Seven Group Holdings and Minemakers have avoided second strikes against the remuneration report. Cabcharge Australia's remuneration report received around 84% for on a poll. The note is updated through the day as the results come to hand. https://subscriber.theexecutiveremunerationreporter.com.au/archives/13631 Show More

Orica released its FY2015 results this morning: while revenue from continuing operations of $5.7 billion is down slightly on the pcp (FY14: $5.78 billion), underlying NPAT on continuing operations of $417.2 million is down 26% on FY14. Statutory NLAT of -$1.267 billion includes $1.169 billion in assets impairments. STI awards... Show More