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Dermot Ryan

On average, companies in the top 10 per cent of expected dividend yield deliver negative earnings growth, negative dividend growth and underperform the market over time, our analysis suggests. To find the companies with genuinely sustainable dividends, you need to dig much deeper than these simple historical measures. Show More

Nader Naeimi

Underpinned by a number of global factors, including rising demand for smartphones and increased consumer confidence, nickel and copper are two commodities that we believe represent a strong investment opportunity. Buoyed by an improving economic cycle and strong currency growth, both commodities look set to capitalise on strong global tailwinds.... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

To cut through the deafening noise around this week’s Federal budget, Livewire has asked four of Australia’s leading Economists to boil the budget down to its single most important theme, and to explain what it means for investors. We also asked which specific sectors of the market are going to... Show More

AMP Capital

Empirical studies have demonstrated that asset allocation determines the vast majority of the returns that a portfolio will generate*, with a landmark study by Brinson, Hood and Singer calculating the figure to be as high as 91.5%. To fully leverage this, allocation ranges need to be completely flexible, and AMP... Show More