Jordan Helton

Livewire recently teamed up with the University Network for Investing and Trading to hear investing ideas for some of Australia’s brightest university students. We asked students for their take on an important investing trend, and after reviewing many high-quality submissions, our editors determined the winner. We hope you enjoy the... Show More

AMP Capital

Adaptation and flexible spaces will be pivotal in successful real estate design and management in the next decade, driven by changes in the way people shop, work and socialise. Bill Gates famously said: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change... Show More

Jay Soloff

Amazon (AMZN) continues to rewrite the rules of the retail industry. The world's largest online retailer is consistently working on the next groundbreaking technology or method of doing business. It's no secret that Bezos will spare no expense in building up the company's distribution and delivery infrastructure. The company spent... Show More

Jay Soloff

What an afternoon for big tech! Both MSFT and AMZN are up after hours (5% and 8% respectively as of this writing) on very positive earnings results. MSFT crushed expectations with $18.5 billion in revenue compared to analysts' projections of $17.8 billion, and EPS of $0.62 compared to forecasts of... Show More