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East Coast residential property continues to soften as credit tightens, but in this interview with Charlie Jamieson, CIO at Jamieson Coote Bonds, he warns that property investors might make matters worse by becoming forced sellers in a falling market. Charlie outlines the mechanics of margin calls and forced selling, and told... Show More

Tim Hannon

The current 25-year credit cycle has seen Australian household leverage rates move to record levels versus all other developed markets. This degree of leverage is unprecedented in Australian history and is often a precursor to a major housing correction. Show More

Stuart Jackson

The statistical release of APRA and the RBA’s credit growth data for April shows a stabilisation in the rate of overall mortgage, personal and business loan book growth at 5 per cent across the overall Australian market. By category, mortgage book growth continued to slow, increasing 6 per cent year... Show More

Daryl Wilson

The Federal budget announcement that deductions for travel costs and certain depreciation allowances will no longer be available to landlords of residential property is a potential game-changer for residential property. These changes, combined with other changes to curb foreign buyer demand, are relatively small in terms of their market impact.... Show More


With residential property prices starting to misfire, we reached out to three experienced property investors for their perspectives on the market. We posed the question: “What do investors need to watch for in coming months, and why?” Read on below as to why you need to keep a hawk’s eye... Show More

In his latest note, ’Bond King’ Bill Gross has warned that “our credit-based financial system is sputtering, and risk assets are reflecting that reality even if most players (including central banks) have little clue as to how the game is played.” Using an interesting analogy based on a game of... Show More

The Federal Reserve’s credit numbers showed American consumers borrowed at an all-time record of $28.9 billion in September, besting the previous high-water mark set in November 2001. In fact, this is the biggest monthly leap in consumer borrowing going all the way back to 1943, when the Fed first started... Show More

Platypus Asset Management

The stimulus provided by central bankers around the world following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 has been unprecedented. Bank of America Merrill Lynch data shows that 531 rate cuts have been implemented around the world since Lehman went under. There have been 28 rate cuts this calendar year... Show More