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US small caps due for a catch up

John Kimber

Just in case the doomsayers about the current strong US economy and its durability, have got it wrong, and the current US expansion proves more durable than they expect, we have looked at Small Cap Value Stocks, which have lagged well behind Large Cap Growth. Show More

The Equities Drought in the USA

John Kimber

Low interest rates, growing earnings confidence, deconstruction of the nanny state, tax cuts, broad based gains in 7 out of 11 industry sectors and low inflation are all contributing, but the commentary has missed the most important contributor to another new high for the Dow. Show More

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All-time-high in the DJIA marks the 60th all-time-high this year. What does this Portend?

Andrew McCauley

I note the all-time-high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) overnight on Tuesday marks the 60th all-time-high this calendar year. 2017 now ranks as having the 4th highest number of all-time-highs over the past 100-years. Show More

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