equity strategy

Michael Frazis

With stocks near all-time-highs, there is steadily accumulating evidence that this may be a historic time to sell. PMIs are diving. PMIs give false signals (eg 2016 was a buy, not a sell) but this is by far the worst they have looked. All through the turmoil of last year,... Show More


In early May the once highly popular ASX-listed funds manager Janus Henderson (JHG) released a rather underwhelming March quarter financial performance report. Among the key performance metrics that stood out was a -21% fall in earnings per share versus a year earlier, a sizable fall in operating margin to 34.4%, net... Show More

Andrew Tang

Equities have continued to recover from their sell-off late last year; income-oriented asset classes like property and infrastructure have been in strong demand and this will likely be prolonged as rate cuts are increasingly priced in.Looking ahead, the most likely scenario is that the global economy will find ways to... Show More

Daryl Wilson

Every month, we provide a snapshot of the Affluence Investment Fund portfolio to our investors. We always include the two following charts to help people understand how we have positioned the portfolio: Show More