franking credits

Dr Don Hamson

The ALP is proposing a raft of tax changes that will negatively impact after tax outcomes for many Australian investors should they be enacted. Arguably the most controversial is the removal of cash refunds of franking credits which we have written extensively on in 2018, but they are also proposing... Show More

Jonathan Rochford

From an economics perspective, the Federal election is shaping up as one to forget. Australia’s economic growth is currently running at less than our population growth, with this situation commonly being labelled as a “per capita recession”. Neither major party is putting forward anything material on tax reform or productivity... Show More

Joseph Kim

The Federal Labor Party has stated it would change the dividend imputation system if returned to power this year. This is expected to see a spike in the number of off-market share buy-backs. The big question for investors is: should you participate? Show More

Asset Allocation
Dr Don Hamson

Forecast for shares income, including from the banks, remains solid. For the “glass half empty” thinkers, there is plenty of bad news to focus on in 2019 – the Trump trade war, Brexit, falling house prices, the final report of the Financial Services Royal Commission, political risk and more. Show More

James Gerrish

While I'm yet to observe a popular way for governments to tax the masses, Labor's proposals on franking credits has focussed the attention of one very local and agitated demographic in particular: wealthy retirees with the time and inclination to rile the boffins that have suggested such an impost. Show More