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Christopher Joye

In my column today I reflect on the explosion in fund managers raising money via LICs/LITs and how these vehicles allow them to legally circumvent the Future of Financial Advice laws that expressly ban payments of conflicted sales commissions to brokers/advisers selling funds to retail investors (click on this link... Show More

Mark Tobin

Well, October 18 was a brutal month for microcaps with the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index closing down 10.9% for the month, Yikes! Although things have stabilised in November there has been no major recovery of the losses in October. Not that the larger cousins escaped without injury, the S&P/ASX All... Show More

Mark Tobin

FY18 was a strong year for both microcap and small caps indexes. Once again, microcaps significantly outperformed large caps. The S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index returned 13.7% for FY18 a healthy return. In contrast, the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index posted a stellar return of 23.2% for FY18. Leading to an... Show More


Some years ago, I had a relation of mine tell me he was selling some shares in a Microcap company he bought only six months earlier. I asked him what the reason for him selling was, and he responded that he made a 50% gain and was taking profits because... Show More


This is the question most prospective investors of our managed funds and anyone interested in small cap investing ask us. Identifying investment ideas, whether it is ASX listed companies or global companies can come about many ways. It could be we stumble upon them by trawling through all the companies... Show More

Chad Slater

Part one of our Perspective series examined the dire situation facing active managers as their legacy business is under threat from the rise of passive investment strategies. This concluding piece examines why active will continue to exist and actually how passive strategies need active strategies for passive to function properly.... Show More

Paragon Funds Management

Macquarie is currently yielding a 4.6% forward dividend (March year-end FY16F), and based on our estimates is growing earnings at 30% CAGR for the three years to FY16F. Macquarie is taking advantage of buoyant conditions across key segments including 1) Asset Management, 2) Corporate & Asset Finance, 3) Commodities &... Show More

Tom McKay

Macquarie Bank research suggests Australia is in the early stages of an economic expansion (or soon will be) and that investors should consider positioning themselves for a sector rotation. The sectors that traditionally perform best during these early/mid stages of the cycle are: banks, transport, capital goods, media, insurance, retail... Show More