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Book Number 6 – The Little Book of Value Investing by Christopher Browne (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Today I review the investment classic authored by Christopher Browne, ‘The Little Book of Value Investing’. Browne was a partner at Tweedy, Browne Company – the oldest value investing house on Wall Street. Again, I recommend reading the book in its entirety. However, here are my favourite chapters. Show More

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Book Number 8 – Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Warren Buffett once described himself as being 85% Ben Graham and 15% Phil Fisher. If Ben Graham is the father of value investing, Phil Fisher is the father of growth investing. The primary difference between the two philosophies is clear. Ben Graham’s investments tend to benefit from a one-time profit.... Show More

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Book Number 9 – The Art of Short Selling by Kathryn Staley (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

I wanted to change up the pace, from looking for cheap companies, to looking for expensive companies. Welcome to book number 9 in my top 10 investment books of all time, “The Art of Short Selling”. This book has been written by Kathryn Staley. Kathryn is an expert in the... Show More

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Book Number 10 - You Can Be a Stock Market Genius by Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Capital (Revised May 18) 

Lachlan Hughes

Over the next ten days, I will review and post my top 10 investing books of all time - starting with number 10. I hope you enjoy the reviews and they provide you with some new perspectives that improve your investing. This book is a must read for any keen... Show More

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Buy Hold Sell: 4 stocks for buoyant markets

Buy Hold Sell

Conditions have been good for funds management in recent years. The stock market has been rising, funds have been flowing, and for some, performance fees have been paid. But nine years after the end of the GFC, has ‘the easy money been made’? To find out, we asked Chris Prunty... Show More

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Keppel DC REIT: When the data adds up the income flows

Patrick O'Reilly

When Keppel DC REIT (AJBU.SI) listed on 12 December 2014, it appeared different, at least when compared to a typical property trust. The company’s share price has increased almost 50% since listing, and while such a price rise might have some people questioning how expensive it is, there are plenty... Show More

Blue Sky re-rates following excellent FY17 result

Robert Frost

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited continued to re-rate following an excellent FY17 result that came in at the top end of their guidance range. Blue Sky had been largely under the radar of institutional investors but has become much better understood as a result of improved recent disclosure from management... Show More

The dirty secrets fund managers don’t want you to know!

Lachlan Hughes

I hope to enlighten potential investors about the tricks used by fund managers to ‘window dress’ their performance. Some of these tricks can be backed out and where possible I have provided the math below. Show More

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Blue Sky targets $5b AUM by 2019

Robert Frost

Blue Sky Alternative Investments reported a strong FY17 result at the top end of the guidance range after profitably exiting several private equity investments, adding to its credibility, particularly in the private equity space. Show More

Strong flows boost BT Investment Management, Pacific Current

Robert Frost

Listed investment managers, BT Investment Management (ASX:BTT) and Pacific Current Group (ASX:PAC), each provided positive updates to the market during April and moved higher accordingly. Show More

Harvard Shows the Pitfalls of Internalising Funds Management

Jonathan Rochford

The decision by Harvard to terminate half of its investment staff and outsource funds management bucks the global trend to internalise funds management. The underperformance achieved in the last decade came despite Harvard having all the factors necessary to recruit and retain excellent fund managers. Harvard has a great brand... Show More

How to pick a good Fund Manager? Check out their car..

Chad Slater

In the spirit of lighter reading into Xmas season, this week's blog by Jack Lowenstein here at Morphic looks at a recent academic publication that examines if there is a link between the cars that Fund Managers chose and the risks they take in their fund. Turns out there is... Show More

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Morgans " 40 under 40 " Podcast - Interview with Rob Shand, MD of Blue Sky

Chris Titley

In the first "40 under 40" podcast series , I sit down with Robert Shand , Age 35, who is Managing Director of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited. Show More

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Henderson-Janus merger might just be the beginning

Livewire Exclusive

The last few months has seen the highest level of M&A activity on the ASX in the last 3-5 years, says Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management. With balance sheets in great shape and private equity funds again in acquisition mode, he expects the trend to continue... Show More

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Active Fees for Passive Returns – How Did it Come to This?

Daniel Mueller

In the 1990s, Colonial First State fund manager Greg Perry established himself as an industry doyen. Between 1990 and 2002, the flagship Imputation fund outperformed the market by 11.8% p.a. Together with CEO Chris Cuffe, the duo oversaw a highly successful period, with FUM growing from $150 million to $100... Show More

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Fuzzy Future for Fundies

Steve Johnson

I have been questioning the sustainability of the asset management gravy train for the best part of two decades. Fred Schwed was lamenting the lack of satisfactory outcomes for clients way back in 1940 when he wrote "Where are the Customers' Yachts?". A brief look at the BRW Rich List... Show More

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ASIC on culture, conduct and conflicts of interest in vertically-integrated businesses in the funds management industry

Avatar fallback

ASIC's report on its review of the management of conflicts of interest in the vertically integrated funds-management industry and its seven indicators of culture caught my eye. Currently the Criminal Code (Cth) defines corporate culture as meaning 'an attitude, policy, rule, course of conduct or practice existing within the... Show More

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WAM wins at 2015 Fund Awards

Wilson Asset Management

External research house Zenith Investment Partners revealed the winners of the 2015 Fund Awards last Friday 9 October. We are very pleased to announce that Wilson Asset Management won the Listed Investment Companies category for the second year in a row. The event, held in Sydney, was attended by more... Show More

Funding retirement in a low income world

Dr Don Hamson

Unfortunately, for today’s retirees, traditional income generating assets such as cash or term deposits are yielding returns that are at all-time lows, and well below the 5% minimum drawdown rate. Luckily for retirees, there is still one asset class that is generating reasonable levels of income. Australian equities Figure 1... Show More

Innovative global equity company will change young Australians’ lives

Wilson Asset Management

Wilson Asset Management Chairman Geoff Wilson today announced the launch of listed investment company (LIC) Future Generation Global Investment Company Limited (FGG), which will operate under a dual mandate to create shareholder wealth and make a sustainable social impact. Show More

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