Cracks appearing in the global economic resurgence

Callum Thomas

I wanted to highlight this chart because the latest data basically makes it start to look like it's going against my previous thinking. The "flash global manufacturing PMI" which is an indicator I put together based on the flash readings of the Europe, US, and Japan manufacturing PMIs has weakened... Show More

Global Equities - Half the world is in a bull market

Callum Thomas

This would have to be my chart of the week. The red line shows the proportion of countries (70 in this study) that are currently in a bull market: currently just over 50%. The chart appeared in the latest edition of the Weekly Macro Themes . So how do... Show More

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 15 Jan 2017

Callum Thomas

Here's 10 charts on the S&P500 covering the short term outlook, medium term earnings outlook, US election, and political risk. Overall a similar conclusion from last week holds i.e. that short-term there remains some risks, but medium term the outlook is positive on the back of improving earnings. Aside from... Show More