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US manufacturing slows - but still healthy. Manufacturing expanded in February at the weakest pace in a year, limited by weaker growth abroad and a work slowdown at West Coast ports. The Institute for Supply Management's index dropped to 52.9, the lowest since January 2014, from 53.5 a month earlier,... Show More

Gavin Wendt

This very interesting article challenges the accepted notion that the US has transformed itself as a manufacturer over recent years. Upon closer inspection, however, the data for 1999-2012 present little evidence of significant onshoring of US manufacturing. For starters, the share of US domestic demand for manufactures that is met... Show More

Jay Soloff

In case you've ever had any doubts that economics news can move the markets, just look at the mess created by errant reporting of ISM Manufacturing data. First the ISM release showed PMI at 53.2, well below expectations. Stocks basically tanked on the bad news. Then it became clear that... Show More

Jay Soloff

Optimism over US economic growth remains strong after three meaningful economic reports were released today. Consumer spending jumped 0.9% last month, the largest gain since August 2009. What's more, personal incomes increased the most in seven months. Meanwhile, the ISM Manufacturing Index rose to 54.9, the strongest reading of the... Show More

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John Abernethy, CIO of Clime, says there are three reasons for deflationary pressures globally. Firstly, there is simultaneous money printing from a number of countries resulting in an offset of the desired inflationary outcome. Secondly, global underemployment is keeping a lid on labour and production costs. Thirdly and most significantly... Show More

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Deutsche Bank summarises the state of the world economy in one chart - the investment bank has published a chart which shows the relative positions of the world's major economies based on the latest (August) PMI reports. Any country above the dotted line is improving at an accelerating pace. It... Show More

James Marlay

Boston Consulting Group has published findings that indicate the US manufacturing sector is only marginally more expensive than in China. This positions the US in a strong competitive position against both Europe and Japan as signs of a recovery in the US gain momentum. The rapid rise of the unconventional... Show More

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The NZ manufacturing sector recorded its highest level of activity for almost nine years, according to the latest BNZ - BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI). The seasonally adjusted PMI for May was 59.2 (a PMI reading above 50.0 indicates that manufacturing is generally expanding). This is the highest level... Show More