Tim Hannon

Since the rapid 20% correction witnessed from August to November 2016, the real estate and infrastructure sector has made a significant recovery. This recovery is difficult to reconcile given there has been no fundamental improvement in the earnings outlook for many of the securities that have rallied so strongly –... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

Over the last month the ASX200 has rallied 2.4% but the insurance sector slipped 0.4%, this comes as the local bourse continues to be nerved by future margins. Insurance companies clearly carry an inherent risk by the nature of their business and when badly managed, as we have witnessed over... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Real estate investment trusts were among the strongest performing sectors of the Australian sharemarket in 2014. That's not surprising, as investors hunt for income and yield, which property-based investments traditionally deliver. Industria REIT stapled securities is one property-related opportunity that we think is still attractive. Industria listed in -December 2013... Show More

Schroders Australia

A wolf in REIT's clothing. After enduring the heat of excess leverage and insufficient cash flow the A-REIT sector has reformed greatly from its pre GFC excesses and subsequent Icarus moment. Despite the underlying fundamental risks now being far lower than seven years ago, the valuation risks facing investors are... Show More