Steve Leask

Very insightful comments,one has only to walk through many large malls to see the erosion of high quality tenants and the rent they pay

peter cantlon

I think issues with the delivery of goods to the customer are holding back online purchases. Presumably the same issues apply overseas but maybe physical shopping in Oz is easier. But consider a working couple in an apartment. A growing situation. They can buy a microwave online. They can save say $50, but how does it get delivered. It is more inconvenient than going to a physical store.

Michael Whelan

Sorry Tim but it’s not going to happen. Quoting sensationalist paragraphs from The Guardian does not help your case, as otherwise nobody would read The Guardian in any case. Consumer confidence is back up in January, business confidence is fine, the Banks’ balance sheets and profitability are fine, and we had house prices up 50-70pc the preceding 5-6 years so the current correction is simply letting the hot air out of the home prices balloon. They’ll be political and economic uncertainty around capital gains, dividend imputation and the ALP’s fiscal stance if they get into power but unless unemployment heads up from 5pc Australia will muddle forward as it has done for the past decade. If it heads past 6pc, ALP will be a one term government and they know it. Our shopping centres are typically ordinarily managed but they find a way to fill or renovate the empty spots in their centres - nothing new there.