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Five Ways to Avoid the ‘Value Trap’

Robert Miller

Investors with a predisposition to high conviction value investing often need value to be combined with an element of growth. Let’s call it ‘growth-value’. Our approach is not to look for ‘cigar butts’ but we do seek turnaround or under-researched ideas where the profits and growth are likely to continue. Show More

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The Founder or CEO, who creates more shareholder wealth?

Mugunthan Siva

Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber Technologies took the decision to step down despite many commending him for ignoring typical corporate management convention. However, investors were unhappy and subsequently pressured him to resign. So as a shareholder, in any business, who would you prefer, the Founder or CEO? Show More

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Three ultimate value-compounding machines

Clime Asset Management

In April 2007, coincidentally around the same time that I joined Clime, markets were rollicking and the pricing of risk seemed a forgotten investment principle. What a time to raise capital. In a sign of the times, one of the largest public offers of shares that Australia had ever seen... Show More