Elliot Clarke

In this week's weekly, Chief Economist Bill Evans gives a detailed run down of the RBA's August Statement on Monetary Policy, particularly their latest forecasts for growth and inflation and the implications for policy. This week, the focus for data will be the Westpac-MI consumer sentiment release and updates on... Show More

Jay Soloff

Earnings season is kicking off here in the US, but before I start reviewing some of the major earnings results, I want to discuss a bit of anecdotal evidence of the economic recovery. This past week, I was able to take a road trip to San Diego, California to visit... Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Trends in sentiment and volatility suggest complacency. One of the consequences of central bank policies may be markets characterised by low levels of volatility. Some financial commentators have even talked about the death of volatility. At the same time, investor sentiment has hit bullish 10-year highs last witnessed in August... Show More

Bell Potter

Pulse of the retail investor. Last month, Bell Potter conducted a Retail Investor Sentiment Survey, which captured responses from over 1,000 individuals throughout Australia. Key observations: A clear majority of investors have a positive outlook on the Australian share market over the next 12 months; Over 94% of investors are... Show More

Jay Soloff

Are investors chasing US equities? According to Morningstar, investors are sinking more money into stock mutual funds than they have since 2000. For the first 10 months of this year, stock funds pulled in a whopping $172 billion. It's been 13 years since that amount of money has been allocated... Show More