tax cuts

Elizabeth Moran

FIIG Securities guest economist, Saul Eslake looks at the current global shift by central banks in ‘advanced’ economies to increase inflation, rather than keep it down as seen in the past decade. He also details why tax cuts and Trump tariffs are likely to put the US under inflationary pressure... Show More

Clime Asset Management

A few weeks back, “our ABC” poured oil onto the heated debate in Canberra regarding the Commonwealth Government’s proposed tax rate cut legislation. The ABC produced data which represented that a significant proportion of major Australian companies hadn’t been paying tax in recent times, and from this observation its commentators... Show More

Elizabeth Moran

Stephen Koukoulas writing for FIIG Securities says that financial markets which usually yawn on budget night will be a little more focussed this year. They'll be looking for any signs of policy loosening, any debt and deficit risks and other policy changes aimed at sweetening the electorate: Show More