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Peter Wilmshurst

2017 saw a combination of solid economic growth without a significant pick-up in inflation. This let the Fed continue to raise rates, but at a measured pace, and it has flagged it’s likely to raise rates another three times this year. Other major central banks did not follow this path... Show More

Callum Thomas

As a holiday treat we're making the 2016 End of Year Special Edition of the Weekly Macro Themes available for free: This edition looks at some of my favorite charts and themes of the year from the weekly report, including the charts that worked (and those that didn't... Show More

Callum Thomas

The below chart appeared in the latest edition of the Weekly Macro Themes and shows the well known US Dollar Index (or DXY) vs the average 10-year government bond yield differential across the G10 currencies. There appears to be a pretty clear relationship between the interest differential indicator and... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

The US dollar lost its safe haven play last week when it encountered major resistance from its 200 days moving average level, according to Saxo Capital Markets Sydney-based trader James Kim. In the next few days, the US Dollar Index might be testing re-entering the channel it broke during the... Show More

Livewire News

Each year Byron Wien, Vice-Chairman of Blackstone, produces his list of the top potential ‘surprises’. He defines a surprise as an event which most people would ascribe a likelihood of less than 1 in 3, but which he believes has a greater likelihood than 1 in 2. Among his picks... Show More