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David Bassanese

Week in Review The escalation in US-China trade tensions continued to dominate global market sentiment last week, with bond yields dropping lower and equities prices generally pulling back. That said, the fallout from the escalation in trade measures has been contained by continual US assurances that talks are ongoing and a... Show More

Charlie Aitken

I’m writing to you from New York following a week of meetings with companies, investment banks, analysts, strategists, fund managers and executives.The timing of the trip coincided with a bout of heavy volatility breaking out on Wall Street, largely as a result of the trade dispute. It’s helpful to be... Show More

James Marlay

One of Australia’s most iconic funds management firms will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. From humble beginnings with just $30 million of assets under management Paradice Investment Management today manages ~$16 billion across five strategies invested in Australian and Global Equities. The culture at Paradice is performance focused, which... Show More

Kerry Craig

McDonalds’ McRib is a barbecue-flavoured, pork-based sandwich that was first introduced to customers in the 1980s and is made available for only a very brief period each year. For fast-food fans, the tangy but elusive sandwich has a cult like status and has spawned many dedicated McRib locator websites, just... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

"Now, data is interesting but we're not really interested in it... We look at others' loyalty programs and their big data schemes and we really question the true value that’s delivered to customers...What we'd rather do is keep our business simple, focus on what matters most to customers, because it’s... Show More

Roger Montgomery

Is the next US downturn years away, or just around the corner? Either way, leading US economist, Professor Jeffrey Frankel, says it will be severe. And the reason, he says, is the Trump administration’s relentless pursuit of fiscal expansion and financial deregulation. Show More

Scott Shuttleworth

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed President Trump’s rhetoric has centred around trade and resulted in the escalation of tensions between the US and other economic powers of the world. Many investors are wondering what downside risk they might be exposed to and whether a recession is... Show More

As global rates start to rise, Australia may follow in the short-term, but structural issues will prevent the RBA from hiking rates far, explains Chris Watling, CEO of Longview Economics. Any rate-hikes from the RBA will be short-lived, he says, and those structural issues will force Australian rates to zero. Show More

Richard Coppleson

The US is going higher. We cannot ignore what we are seeing: momentum has taken over. Trump’s speech (where all you could hear was clapping & standing ovations all through it) will absolutely kill the bears. They have been talking about this speech being the “trigger”, but it wasn’t and... Show More

PM Capital

PM Capital income securities portfolio manager Jarod Dawson believes the value of 10-year US government bonds could fall more than 20% because the US economy is doing a lot better than most people think. While a strong US economy is good news for most, the accompanying hikes in US interest... Show More