Mathan Somasundaram

Market was back in the aimless mode without mother goose US to set the path tonight. Thanksgiving holiday tonight in the US means the world will be confused tonight. Tomorrow night may also be lacking sentiment in the US as investors would have taken the day off to make the long weekend. Market outlook is not strong enough to trust US fiscal policy, OPEC deal and the Chinese commodity traders to keep things together over the long weekend!!! We have historically high commodities with historically high USD while US rates are going up and US volatility is going down….something has to give!!! Remain nimble in an uncertain global macro with profit taking potential…We are approach “Danger Zone” (i.e. two weeks before US Fed meeting)…pullback potential boosted!!! Take advantage of short term volatility to buy long term quality growth, yield and value in the Small Cap space!!! For the full report… (VIEW LINK)


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