Market remains in the land of aimlessness with profit taking the most likely result as EU breakup worries start to take center stage. Market continues to struggle with historically high commodity prices with historically high USD while US rates are going up and US volatility is going down….something has to give and that is likely to be the stretched US markets!!! We are seeing traders pulling out of commodities and yields/USD starting to come back. The best performers today were all the yield sectors and Gold while resources were hit hard on weak commodities. We are at the end of month with a few days to Italian referendum and Australian elections…no need to be a hero in this market. Investors are on the edge and willing to dump the stock on any elevated risk. The month of Nov closed positive and pushed the number of positive months in the last year to 7 out of 12….last time we had a positive Nov was in 2009!!! For the full report… (VIEW LINK)