Reporting season gives investors an opportunity to review and reset their holdings and watch list. This season’s reports have been eagerly awaited following the recent falls in equity markets. The question on everyone's mind: is the sell-off justified, or overblown? In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we look at 3 companies which have recently delivered their results. Cochlear surprised on earnings, with strong support for after it released results. Ansell on the other hand was sold down heavily. Meanwhile, JB Hi-Fi barely registered a change but the competition is abating. We also ask each guest to share one stock that they believe has delivered a stand out result. James Marlay hosts Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Roger Montgomery from Montgomery Investment Management.

Adam Easter

My two favourite Aussie stock pickers in one package. Well done gents. I love this format and these short and pertinent videos.

James Marlay

Adam, thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoy the format

Ivan Tanner

Informed succinct comments by both Steve and Roger. Great format, keep up the good work

timothy long

love the short sharp analysis from 2 top stockperts