Paul Moore, CIO at PM CAPITAL talks to Peter Switzer, reflecting on 30 years of investing in the Funds Management Industry. In particular, he details key lessons learnt and the driving philosophy which determines whether he decides to invest or not to invest. “…It is just based on fundamentals…our process and philosophy hasn't changed since day one, the other thing that doesn't change is investment markets and the way they behave and they get hysterical around short term issues. The guiding principles we have tried to use around basic fundamentals are; first of all, understand that investment returns are not a straight line…if you can’t live through them don’t invest. The second, the old Peter Lynch quote, ‘the day after the market crashed in 1987, people began to worry that the market was going to crash’. In other words, don’t look backwards, look forwards”. Full video from Switzer Daily here: (VIEW LINK)