Australians are experiencing a historically low cash rate of 0.25% which is great for mortgage holders but less than ideal for those with savings accounts, term deposits or any other cash-related investment vehicle. But what are the alternatives? In this series of eight educational articles, our experts discuss various asset classes and how they use these to construct their own income portfolios. 

The 2020 Income series eBook looks in detail at Private Debt, Global Equities, Alternative Assets, Corporate Bonds, Australian Equities, Bonds, REITs / Unlisted Real Estate and Hybrids. While many of these are at least partially understood by investors, Hybrids, Alternative Assets and Private Debt are less well known and may offer a new perspective to solving the income puzzle. 

Each of the submissions has been written by a fund manager who specialises in their respective asset class to provide an expert view of both the risks and where they think the best opportunities lie in the year ahead. Our experts include 

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Cat Marriott

Thanks for such an extensive and comprehensive overview of where to put your money!