A cohort of Australia’s leading fund managers gathered at the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum two weeks ago, each presenting their top stock idea. A clear trend is already emerging in the domestic stocks mentioned. While the broader market has pulled back 2.2% since the Forum, this group of stocks has gained 3.9% on average. 

Of the 15 stocks mentioned, the 8 ASX-listed came from Geoff Wilson and Chris Stott of Wilson Asset Management, Ben Griffiths of Eley Griffiths Group, Sean Fenton of Tribeca Investment Partners, Gabriel Radzyminski of Sandon Capital, and David Prescott of Lanyon Asset Management. And while 2 weeks doesn’t quite represent a full investment cycle, it is interesting to note nearly the whole basket significantly bucking the current market trend.

In case you missed it, Livewire provided coverage of the event, and you can watch the presentations in their entirety here.


More recent Livewire commentary on these stocks

As well as being put forward at the Future Generation Investors Forum, some of these stocks have also seen recent commentary from other contributors on Livewire, which you can link out to below:


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“I think Reckon gets taken out”: David Allingham, Eley Griffiths: 


Afterpay: A value investment”: Gary Hui, Arowana: 


“Best mining asset in Australia?”, Re: ILU, Gabriel Radzyminski, Sandon Capital: 


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Graeme Holbeach

Maybe, or is it self-fulfilling? One would assume (hope?) these same managers are still buying their "top stock ideas". Add in their followers and some Livewire readers and that's probably enough buying pressure to keep these stocks rising for a while.

James Marlay

Hi Graeme, could be any number of reasons and they could be entirely unrelated to the Future Gen. We just find it interesting to have a look at these things after the fact. We did the same for the Hearts and Minds Conference last year.