Owners of high-quality, growing business are starting to look a little nervous following the high-profile falls of Aconex, Bellamy’s, Blackmores, and more. Hyperion Asset Management likes to invest in these kinds of quality, growing businesses, so we spoke to Managing Director, Tim Samway, to hear how he’s been handling sell-offs when they come. He explains that there are two types of sell-offs, which should be treated differently. “One is where a whole group of companies get marked down together. So, quality stocks on high-PEs get sold down together; that’s one situation. Or, you get a one-off situation where one stock sells off quickly.” In the full video, he explains how to handle each situation, and what can act as a catalyst for these stocks to recover.

JT Linde

A good confirmation of patience and timing being the keys to successful longer term investing - thanks for the insight!