Clime Asset Management

Since mid-March 2015, our valuation and research platform, StocksInValue, has been providing our member’s access to an ASX Model Portfolio. The model portfolio was developed to demonstrate how Clime’s investment process, our analysts research and our quantitive analysis from StocksInValue, together, form expert insights from which our members’ (self-directed equity investors) can use in managing their own portfolio. We’ve been loading up on equities in our model portfolio during the post-Brexit volatility, but so far, we have yet to buy Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banking Group, one of the most heavily sold stocks given its exposure to the UK. Many Australian investors own Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banking Group, or CYB, following the spinout from NAB earlier this year. Following the post-Brexit selldown, investors may be wondering if the stock is now an opportunity to buy. On the last day of May, CYB peaked at $5.86. Post the ‘vote to leave’, CYB currently stands around $3.69. There is a compelling long-term story, but we are also concerned of the risks in the short-term. We detail our case for the stock. (VIEW LINK)


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