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Emanuel Datt

I explicitly began my investing education by reading what is considered the bible to value investors: Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham. To be honest, I couldn't and still haven't finished the book as I found it fairly dry and uninspiring; especially for a young, new investor. Thankfully, there are a... Show More

It’s rare to see investors agree on a topic, but when Livewire recently reached out to Roger Montgomery, Ben Rundle, and Jason Teh to find out which ‘super investor’ had influenced them the most, they all agreed: Charlie Munger. Perhaps this shouldn’t be so surprising, given Munger’s influence over his... Show More

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

Tech - it’s a sector that local investors just love to hate, but if you didn’t own a handful of these high PE names of late you missed out on some stellar price action. In August just four technology stocks generated ~60% of the returns for the small ords. Stratospheric multiples... Show More


A lot has been written about investors’ behavioural biases. But are the types of experienced investors who visit Livewire really biased? If so, what specific investment decisions are impacted? And by how much? And, given that we’re all human, are Livewire subscribers convinced that asset managers can overcome their own... Show More

Patrick Poke

One of the biggest problems facing retail investors is accessing quality information. Sure, you can look through the last five annual reports and manually extract the data, but this is tedious and time consuming. Free services like Yahoo Finance offer some help, but the data quality is often low, and... Show More

Alwyn Hung

Selecting investments solely on return falls squarely into the “buyer beware” bucket. However, when comparing the plethora of fund investment opportunities in the market, the majority of us tend to focus solely on historic investment performance to rank each of the available investment opportunities. Show More

Marcus Padley

I have never liked the expression “Smart money.” It is demeaning to individual investors and used by commentators to imply they are smart and the rest of you aren’t. But a lot of supposedly smart professionals do some very dumb things, and a lot of non-professional investors, often our clients,... Show More