There's a saying that a bubble is nothing more than a bull market that you're not participating it. For this week's blog, we at Morphic have put together a beginners guide to what exactly are "China A Shares" and "China H Shares" and try to provide some context for this most recent move upwards in the Chinese stockmarket. We look at some of the lesser discussed microeconomic reforms that are taking place in background in China and why bad news for Australian mining stocks is good news for Chinese stockmarket investors, which is not that dissimilar to the Australian stock-market's experience this year where rate cuts due to a slowing economy has been good news for the market, it just started from a lower level. Read more here: (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

That is a fascinating article Chad. So interesting... Well done

Chad Slater

Thanks James, hopefully the readers will now know the A's from the H's