We’re not yet half way through reporting season but there are some observations that can be made from the reports thus far. The strong are showing their strength (BAP, DMP, ORA, etc) while many of the weak are still displaying weakness (GEM, QBE and the likes). Underlying, thus far, I think the balance is positive, but don't forget expectations were for -10% EPS growth for ASX200, which is very low. The FNArena Reporting Season Monitor takes the form of a spreadsheet that contains ratings and consensus price target changes along with brief summaries of the collective responses from FNArena database brokers for each individual stock. Readers are reminded that it matters not what profit/loss result is posted by each company, but by how much that result exceeded/fell short of stock analysts’ consensus forecasts. Livewire readers can access the latest update providing coverage of 77 stocks by clicking this link: (VIEW LINK) (best viewed via desktop)


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