Mark Cardell

Excellent analysis.

Param Singh

excellent. thanks

David Gothard

Many thanks, concise, informative and thought-provoking. Thank you

Tom Breen

I am not sure the Big Pharma will be setting the prices for the vaccine given the desperation of the population in a pandemic. Their survival might depend on them making it freely available and taking a profit over billions of units. Otherwise the Chinese will pinch it or the free world governments will provide a bit of totalitarian coercion.

Russell King

Beaut, well said. A covid vaccine at a dose per person per year globally will be a company to watch for.


Very exhaustive analysis of all sectors. Very informative.

Geoff Walduck

A solid and jargon free analysis. Your comparison of Sydney and Auckland airports is illuminating and illustrates how the short termism of Australian corporate culture fails in a crisis. Well done Geoff W