There are few long-term investing themes as powerful as demographic trends, and the rise of Millennials as the biggest cohort of consumers is a prime example. We sat down with Will Low, Head of Global equities at Nikko Asset Management, who believes the market is yet to understand just how... Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

In many countries around the world, July is a month of temporary migration among the populace. On the one hand, offices are quieter, and the roads less congested. On the other hand, railway stations and airports are thronged with people. Yes, the holiday season has begun! Show More

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors shares his thoughts on equity markets valuations, the market cycle, and four market thematics he likes such as medical devices, payment systems, demographics and tourism. Simon also touches on some key stocks in the Monash portfolio positioned to leverage these four thematics. He also... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

Currently, one of the hardest factors when investing in the Australian stock market is to find companies / sectors with decent growth potential moving forward that are on reasonable valuations. In a lot of instances, companies that have demonstrated strong growth over recent years are priced expensively, primarily due to... Show More

James Nicolaou

Australian inbound tourism data for July 2016 has just been released, and shows some positive trends, including: Total inbound for July 2016 at 716k (+14.1% pcp); 12 Months to July 2016 at 7.94m (+10.6% pcp v 10.0% at end June 2016); Leisure 12 months to July 2016 at 6.0m (+14.8%... Show More

With the AUD holding below 80 US cents, Dean Fergie, Director & Portfolio Manager at Cyan Investment Management, says Australia remains an attractive place for international tourists to visit. One stock set to benefit from these trends is Sealink Travel Group (SLK). "They've got a really nice mix between tourism,... Show More

Investors Mutual

Simon Conn, Portfolio Manager at Investors Mutual, says companies that are exposed to the local hospitality and inbound tourist theme should perform reasonably well in the current environment. Events Holding (formerly Amalgamated Holdings) is one company that he singles out as offering two different angles on this theme. The company... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Much has been said on the sectors that have been suffering from various headwinds in recent years; banks, resources, insurance, engineering and others have all suffered. Among all the negativity, however, there are some bright spots which are hard to ignore. Phil Parker, Executive Chairman at Altair Asset Management, says... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

In this recent interview, Ben Rundle, Portfolio Manager here at NAOS Asset Management explains that he sees macro conditions driving the markets currently, with even high-quality stocks selling off. In these conditions, the best approach is to choose sectors with a strong tailwind. One such example is the Australian tourism... Show More