Morgans "40 under 40" Podcast - Interview with Karl Trouchet, Executive Director

Chris Titley

In the latest installment of the 40 under 40 series, Morgans Adviser Chris Titley spoke with Karl Trouchet, 39, Executive Director of Apollo Tourism & Leisure (ASX Code: ATL). Karl discusses the history of Apollo, the growth that it has achieved, the reason for publicly listing the company, work/life balance... Show More

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How to target a double-digit return

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors shares his thoughts on equity markets valuations, the market cycle, and four market thematics he likes such as medical devices, payment systems, demographics and tourism. Simon also touches on some key stocks in the Monash portfolio positioned to leverage these four thematics. He also... Show More

Australian tourism looks exciting going forward

Nicholas Forsyth

Currently, one of the hardest factors when investing in the Australian stock market is to find companies / sectors with decent growth potential moving forward that are on reasonable valuations. In a lot of instances, companies that have demonstrated strong growth over recent years are priced expensively, primarily due to... Show More


Tourism Data shows strength again

James Nicolaou

Australian inbound tourism data for July 2016 has just been released, and shows some positive trends, including: Total inbound for July 2016 at 716k (+14.1% pcp); 12 Months to July 2016 at 7.94m (+10.6% pcp v 10.0% at end June 2016); Leisure 12 months to July 2016 at 6.0m (+14.8%... Show More

Two stocks benefiting from tourism tailwinds

Livewire Exclusive

With the AUD holding below 80 US cents, Dean Fergie, Director & Portfolio Manager at Cyan Investment Management, says Australia remains an attractive place for international tourists to visit. One stock set to benefit from these trends is Sealink Travel Group (SLK). "They've got a really nice mix between tourism,... Show More


Two angles on local hospitality and tourism

Investors Mutual

Simon Conn, Portfolio Manager at Investors Mutual, says companies that are exposed to the local hospitality and inbound tourist theme should perform reasonably well in the current environment. Events Holding (formerly Amalgamated Holdings) is one company that he singles out as offering two different angles on this theme. The company... Show More

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Industries that are bucking the trend

Buy Hold Sell

Much has been said on the sectors that have been suffering from various headwinds in recent years; banks, resources, insurance, engineering and others have all suffered. Among all the negativity, however, there are some bright spots which are hard to ignore. Phil Parker, Executive Chairman at Altair Asset Management, says... Show More

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Why we like Event Hospitality and Entertainment

NAOS Asset Management

In this recent interview, Ben Rundle, Portfolio Manager here at NAOS Asset Management explains that he sees macro conditions driving the markets currently, with even high-quality stocks selling off. In these conditions, the best approach is to choose sectors with a strong tailwind. One such example is the Australian tourism... Show More

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James Nicolaou

Australians are increasingly taking vacations at home rather than flying overseas, as highlighted by recent data showing international net departures were down 20% on-year in September. Also, Chinese tourist arrivals rose 23% in September, helping to fill hotel rooms that might otherwise have remained empty, fill cinemas, cruise ships &... Show More

Market Outlook and Investment Opportunities in 2016

Clime Asset Management

Finding good investments, which are able to deliver an acceptable return, is becoming increasingly difficult. 2015 has seen volatility in both local and overseas markets. So, what's the market outlook for 2016 and where may the investment opportunities lie in the year ahead? As one of Australia's most respected fund... Show More

Australian Travel & Tourism Sector: starting to really motor on due to lower A$ & Chinese tourists- AAD, AHD, MTR, VRL, SLK

James Nicolaou

ABS data for the 12 months to end September 2015 shows total inbound visitations of 7.23m (+7% pcp). Passenger arrivals from overseas have risen and departures from Australia have fallen, continuing a two-year improving trend in travel flows dominated by China. The number of short-term travellers arriving in Australian September... Show More

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Mantra Group (MTR)- More ROOM for growth to continue- Stock up 2.7% this morning.

James Nicolaou

Mantra Group (MTR) Another property joins the MTR stable→ Post being added to the ASX200 index, MTR has been a strong out-performer in a volatile market. MTR confirmed late last week, that it has further increased its footprint on the Brisbane market having acquired the Management and Letting Rights for... Show More

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Three wires that caught my eye this week

James Marlay

Each week we get around 100 wires on Livewire, I’ve picked three that stood out to me from this week. 1) Chad Slater shared his second post in his series of ‘anti forecasts’. Chad highlights the economic recovery taking place in peripheral European countries (Spain/Italy). This positive news gets... Show More

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Village Roadshow (VRL.AU)- A Box Office Hit!

James Nicolaou

VRL look set to deliver a solid FY15 on 21/8/15. One of the main drivers for this resurgence has been the influx of Chinese tourists coming in their droves taking advantage of a Falling A$. Chinese outbound travel continues to grow rapidly, with the number of overseas trips taken surpassing... Show More

Gulliver’s Travels – Travel & Tourism Review

Bell Potter

John O’Shea one of our Senior Research Analysts talks about the key themes impacting the Travel & Tourism sector and how they have evolved materially over the last 6-12 months. In general terms, these themes have enhanced the growth outlook for the sector (hence the large number of Buy ratings).... Show More

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Despite growth concerns in some Asian economies, the Australian tourism market looks fundamentally sound

NAOS Asset Management

Despite growth concerns in some Asian economies, the Australian tourism market looks fundamentally sound. Total expenditure on tourism in Australia is expected to be $98b this year and over $100b next year with the ripple effect of this being a great driver for the wider economy. Read more in our... Show More


Ardent Leisure (AAD) owns and operates a number of leisure focused facilities most notably Dreamworld and WhiteWater World on the Gold Coast

James Marlay

Ardent Leisure (AAD) owns and operates a number of leisure focused facilities most notably Dreamworld and WhiteWater World on the Gold Coast. The stock has been highlighted as a potential beneficiary of a falling AUD and a recovery in the East Coast economy via business and consumer confidence. The Company... Show More

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