Gavin Wendt

I saw a US election analyst commenting that "the mainstream media got the mainstream wrong." Seems to be the way in the modern age - perhaps too much attention is paid to social media discussion to try and gauge voter mood. Many who feel marginalised are too busy working 3 or 4 jobs to spend any time on social media! Ordinary Americans haven’t enjoyed the fruits of a runaway sharemarket – in fact their situation has deteriorated since the GFC. They didn't cause the mess, but they're the ones who’ve suffered with lost jobs and savings wiped out with zero interest rates (if they've got any money left). The biggest concern lies in the fact that financial markets have become so heavily dependent on QE and artificially-suppressed interest rates. This means it is now very difficult for the Fed to reverse these policies without major repercussions. All of this of course is good news for gold, which remains the ultimate ‘insurance policy’ for investors - which has stabilized and strengthened during 2016 - and is set to go higher.


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