Gavin Wendt

We first introduced Cardinal Resources on livewire around two months ago, when the stock was trading around $0.28 - and it's since maintained the positive momentum established over the past 12 months, where it's risen from a low of $0.06 to a recent high of $0.57. Cardinal isn't a producer,... Show More

Livewire News

The New York Times has put together an enlightening (and interactive) graphic on China’s foreign direct investment during the period 2005-2013. The infographic shows that China’s foreign investments grew nearly tenfold from 2005-2013 “helping it win allies, increase trade and secure oil and other natural resources.” The NYT notes that... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Could Ebola increase the cost of chocolate? Cocoa prices are already 30 per cent higher than the same period last year, notes Saxo Bank Head of Commodity Strategy Ole Hansen, who gives his take on rising concerns over the West African Ebola outbreak on cocoa in the run up to the... Show More