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Over the last 30 years, the financialisation of the world, combined with falling bond yields, has created amazing returns for investors positioned to benefit. Peter Cooper, Chief Investment Officer at Cooper Investors, says there’s a similar opportunity for investors over the coming decades; the ageing global population. Show More

Jonathan Rochford

The elephant in the room for Australia’s Federal Parliament has finally been called out. Australia’s rapid population growth is arguably as important an issue as balancing the budget and the environment. Yet almost no one has dared to mention it since Kevin Rudd talked of a “big Australia” in 2009.... Show More

Patrick Poke

It’s been an exciting quarter at Livewire; we’ve hosted the second Livewire Live investor forum at the ASX’s Exchange Square, and contributors have submitted more than 1,000 wires to the website. Financial markets have been no less interesting as they seesawed before and after the UK referendum, market commentators continued... Show More

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A new paper that’s been released by Morgan Stanley “suggests that the greying population may reverse three long-term trends: 1) a decline in real (inflation-adjusted) interest rates, 2) a squeeze on real wages and 3) widening inequality. That is because those trends were driven by previous demographic shifts; first, the... Show More

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Former Soros protege and current billionaire Stan Druckenmiller had some intriguing things to say about the future of the US economy. At an event this week, Druckenmiller said he sees a “massive, massive problem” for the US in the 15 years due to the ageing population. He believes the exploding... Show More