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Colonial First State Global Asset Management

After a favorable “risk on” year that brought numerous new highs to many stock market indices worldwide without significant drawdowns, investors have perhaps become lulled into a state of complacency and security around their investment portfolio allocations. Show More

Crispin Odey

It is always dangerous to fight the Fed and that is what we have been doing this year. World economic growth continues to disappoint despite the benefit of lower energy costs. Corporate earnings in most parts of the world have continued to fall and now the US is experiencing falling... Show More

Pendal Group

Since 2011, the constant descent into deflation has benefitted assets that have interest rate exposure or directly benefit from falling inflation. This includes such assets as government bonds, credit securities, shares in industrial companies, property, and infrastructure. Assets that benefit from rising inflation include inflation-linked bonds, shares in resources companies,... Show More

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Saxo Capital Markets Australia

The Chinese economy is not only in decline mode, but is “possibly in worse shape than most officials perceived”, says Kay Van-Petersen, Asia macro strategist with Saxo Capital Markets. The strategist believes so because of the timing of the official rate cut. It happened bit too soon after the People’s... Show More

Livewire News

Chris Joye does a good job summarising three important and unanswered questions around the RBA scandal: (1) Has the RBA misled Parliament and the federal Treasury about what it really knew in 2007, as the key whistle-blower claimed on ABC Four Corners on Monday night? (2) Should the RBA have... Show More