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If 2018 were a boxing match, you would be Mundine and Mr. Market would be Horn. It only took you 96 seconds to be battered and bruised to the floor. What went wrong? What did you miss? Like Horn, markets have been unforgiving. Globally, we have seen one of the... Show More

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“In an increasingly common role reversal, companies such as the Chinese textile producer Keer Group are outsourcing production to places where the energy, raw materials, and labor are cheap and convenient -- places such as… South Carolina.” The Chairman of Keer Group says “We chose to locate our first US... Show More

James Marlay

Chart: The retail trade trend is still looking sick. This chart via Greg Jericho at the Guardian who says; The latest Retail Trade figures suggest the RBA did well not to wait. The flip side to this is that if retailers haven't been able to make it work with record... Show More

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Stocks on Wall Street posted modest gains overnight as reports emerged that meaningful progress was being made amongst policy makers. A meeting between Obama and congressional leaders was postponed after Obama said important progress had been made in negotiations. However, the impact of the impasse on consumer confidence should not... Show More