Patrick Poke

As the housing construction boom comes to an end, the obvious question for investors is ‘where next?’ One potential opportunity lies in transport infrastructure construction, which is poised to double over the next few years. Between roads and rail, annual spend is expected to increase to $16B by 2020. Show More

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Peter Wilmshurst

We know Europe has been through a touch economic cycle over the last few years since the GFC. That's somewhat on the mend now. Once the European earnings come through, the markets will start to appreciate that and reward those stocks - both with a re-rating as well as seeing... Show More

Clime Asset Management

7 key macro factors will influence this earnings’ season, but how honest will companies be about their impact? We want to see some integrity in the presentation of results this earnings season, with companies being honest about how macro factors affected their performance and outlook. Companies are often keen to... Show More

Pete Wargent

Although the total value of Building Work Done declined by 0.9 percent in chain volume measures terms in Q3 2014 to $22,287m to be only a moderate 5.1 percent higher over the year, the flow of residential projects in the pipeline is now starting to bear fruit. All four of... Show More

Pete Wargent

The ABS Q3 Residential Property Price Indexes recorded Sydney dwelling price growth of 14.6% y/y. Housing market economics holds that after a 6 year stretch of dwelling price growth we should be seeing a significant dwelling supply response, yet to date it has not transpired in Sydney, although much construction does... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Lend Lease (LLC) | Government backed recovery - maintain Quant Buy ($17) | We maintain LLC as a Quant BUY while upgrading the Quant Target Price (QTP) to $17.00. Forward PE band valuations (FIG.1) shows that LLC is trading just above fair value (i.e. 12.55 PE or $14.07). We continue... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Adelaide Brighton (ABC) | Construction exposure with yield - Easy as ABC | We rate ABC as a Quant BUY with $3.85 Quant Target Price (QTP). ABC is an integrated construction group with quality management that has a track record of delivering. ABC is now trading below long term fair... Show More