Tim Hannon

The current 25-year credit cycle has seen Australian household leverage rates move to record levels versus all other developed markets. This degree of leverage is unprecedented in Australian history and is often a precursor to a major housing correction. Show More

Chris Watling

Structurally, Australia’s growth model has been deteriorating for most of the past two decades and is now arguably one of the poorer examples in the developed world. In the years of the last commodity bull cycle, instead of saving in its ‘times of plenty’, Australia funded a large consumption and... Show More

Patrick Poke

As the housing construction boom comes to an end, the obvious question for investors is ‘where next?’ One potential opportunity lies in transport infrastructure construction, which is poised to double over the next few years. Between roads and rail, annual spend is expected to increase to $16B by 2020. Show More

Peter Wilmshurst

We know Europe has been through a touch economic cycle over the last few years since the GFC. That's somewhat on the mend now. Once the European earnings come through, the markets will start to appreciate that and reward those stocks - both with a re-rating as well as seeing... Show More

Guy Carson

Back in 2007, a US economist called Edward E. Leemer published a paper entitled “Housing IS the business cycle”. In this paper he studied the causes of every US recession since World War 2, of which there had been 10. What he discovered was that 8 out of the 10... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

With residential property prices starting to misfire, we reached out to three experienced property investors for their perspectives on the market. We posed the question: “What do investors need to watch for in coming months, and why?” Read on below as to why you need to keep a hawk’s eye... Show More

David Bassanese

The surprisingly large fall in home building approvals in November 2015 is a warning shot for those sailing on a sea of complacency with respect to the Australia’s economic outlook. We have previously warned of downside risks to the economy in 2016 due to the housing sector. While many analysts... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

Building products suppliers CSR (ASX: CSR) and Boral (ASX: BLD) both made strong announcements this week. On Wednesday, CSR reported a 32% jump in underlying interim profit to $92.4 million, its seventh consecutive year of earnings growth. Boral management at its AGM said continuing growth in building approvals had allowed... Show More

Livewire News

Sean Fenton from Tribeca Investment Partners has explained the headwinds he perceived to be facing the property and construction sector. “It's a little too early to go short but it's definitely time to start thinking about how long you want to be playing the housing cycle. It will take a... Show More

QMG Insight

North America construction remains a key catalyst, with solid demand for construction equipment on the back of positive momentum in the US housing market...Agricultural equipment remains under pressure based on the most recent QMG data, however volume trends are encouraging...Kubota’s Ag sales have not slowed in line with their peers.... Show More

Clime Asset Management

7 key macro factors will influence this earnings’ season, but how honest will companies be about their impact? We want to see some integrity in the presentation of results this earnings season, with companies being honest about how macro factors affected their performance and outlook. Companies are often keen to... Show More

Pete Wargent

The ABS Q3 Residential Property Price Indexes recorded Sydney dwelling price growth of 14.6% y/y. Housing market economics holds that after a 6 year stretch of dwelling price growth we should be seeing a significant dwelling supply response, yet to date it has not transpired in Sydney, although much construction does... Show More