consumer spending

US Stocks rose overnight as manufacturing data came in stronger than expected, overshadowing weak consumer spending. One fund manager, Timothy Ghriskey, the CIO at Solaris Asset Management, summed up the mood perfectly saying “If economic data isn’t negative, but also not really positive, the market loves it. What we saw... Show More

Gavyn Davies, formerly Head of Global Economics at Goldman Sachs and now blogger at the FT says “Assuming that the oil price is now tracing out a bottoming pattern, as US fracking output is rapidly reduced and oil demand begins to rise, the global deflationary shock is over, for now... Show More


Consumers continue to spend more freely with retail trade up for the ninth straight month in January.But retail trade is only part of broader consumer spending. We look back at the trends in spending over 2013.Aussies spent more on health, cars and housing but less on alcohol and gambling.Consumer spending... Show More