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Russ Koesterich, the Chief Investment Strategist at Blackrock says “the reason we’re not seeing a more convincing recovery lies largely with the consumer. While firmer wages and lower gasoline suggest that the consumer has the ability to spend, what consumers lack is the propensity to spend. Instead of spending, more... Show More

Jay Soloff

Earnings season is kicking off here in the US, but before I start reviewing some of the major earnings results, I want to discuss a bit of anecdotal evidence of the economic recovery. This past week, I was able to take a road trip to San Diego, California to visit... Show More

Jay Soloff

Friday's unexpected decline in consumer spending is somewhat disconcerting in the wake of the negative GDP revision last week. Consumer purchases dropped 0.1% after climbing 1% in the prior month. That's the first decrease in a year. Adjusting for inflation, spending decreased by the most since September 2009. However, it's... Show More

Jay Soloff

Optimism over US economic growth remains strong after three meaningful economic reports were released today. Consumer spending jumped 0.9% last month, the largest gain since August 2009. What's more, personal incomes increased the most in seven months. Meanwhile, the ISM Manufacturing Index rose to 54.9, the strongest reading of the... Show More


Consumers continue to spend more freely with retail trade up for the ninth straight month in January.But retail trade is only part of broader consumer spending. We look back at the trends in spending over 2013.Aussies spent more on health, cars and housing but less on alcohol and gambling.Consumer spending... Show More