geopolitical risk

Peter Wilmshurst

When it comes to investing, Australians forego their ‘globetrotter’ reputation and rarely look past local companies. In consumption, however, we are far worldlier and have embraced international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, BP and Toyota. Show More

Angus Coote

There continues to be evidence to support the Jamieson Coote Bonds team's thesis that investors should be re-assessing their portfolio construction and risk allocations to avoid unintended heightened bank/financial related exposure. JCB's approach is one that diversifies investors away from such exposures whilst providing a cornerstone defensive portfolio allocation. These... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Countless thousands of words have been written over the last six days about the investment implications of the new American President. The consensus seems to be it’s all over for bond proxies like REITs, infrastructure stocks, utilities and Telstra now the Trump reflationary trade is pushing bond yields higher and... Show More

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Al Clark, Nikko Asset Management's Global Head of Multi-Asset discusses why he sees further rebalancing ahead in 2016. He explores what he calls ‘the Equity Paradox’ – despite earnings growth being poor, equities keep pushing higher on the back of central bank policy. In addition, he covers the increasing importance... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

How do we explain Donald Trump’s rise, the risk of a Brexit, the fact that Marie Le Pen stands a good chance of becoming France's next president, and the general situation of a political world in which all incumbents appear ready to be knocked off their stools? Simple, Dr. Watson!... Show More

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