Barry FitzGerald

With the combination of midas-man Tolga Kumova on board, a strong cobalt flavour, polymetallic promise and strong impending newsflow, it seems Meteoric’s day may be about to dawn. And speaking of cobalt, Macquarie says the price outlook is superb, albeit a bit bumpy, for years to come thanks to electric... Show More

Justin Braitling

Tom Richardson, Senior Analyst at Watermark Funds, believes there is a handful of commodities that remain well supported at current levels, despite the recent strong performance. Specifically, he says the outlook for Gold and Zinc look attractive with good fundamentals underpinning current prices. It’s a different situation in bulk commodities... Show More

John Robertson

Not so long ago (i.e. just a few weeks), Glencore was leading the cheer squad for zinc. Its corporate acolytes were pitching the “zinc is the strongest metal” argument to retail investors liberally using Glencore’s charts and statistics in their presentations. Now, apparently, a price fall since May is too... Show More

Livewire News

Glencore chairman and CEO Tony Hayward is particularly bullish on long-term oil. Hayward predicts that cuts to oil companies capital spending are “laying the seeds for the next oil price bull market” and “the supply chain in the U.S. is being decimated.” U.S. shale oil production, the source of the... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

Iron-Ore has plunged 40% this year, but we still feel BHP will fall ~30% further. RIO was +6.6% overseas, as it considers a merger with Glencore to create the world's largest Iron-Ore producer. Iron-ore prices have plunged 41% this year, I see no short/medium term change in this trend. Vale, the largest... Show More