For professional investors, mistakes are not a rare occurrence. Common wisdom holds that if you get six out of 10 correct, you’re doing pretty well. The key is learning from your mistakes, so you can avoid repeating them. Edward Rosenfeld, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Global Small Caps Fund, says... Show More

Alex Cowie

In his excellent new quarterly letter, ‘Oh, the good old days’, Legendary value investor, Jeremy Grantham, rips into the reasons and ramifications of the richly valued S+P500 that has had an average PE 65% higher in the twenty years since 1997 than the period before. He blames abnormally high US... Show More

Matt Felsman

Commodities, precious metals and natural resources have soared in the last few weeks. Oil’s resilience, a lower $USD and supportive economic data out of China are making headlines as the key catalysts for the moves, but what investors really need to take note of is a wave of trading on... Show More

John Robertson

Prices of companies with iron ore exposure were especially strong last week. BHP Billiton rose 6.9%, Rio Tinto added 4.9% and Fortescue Metals Group gained 18.2%. Overseas, the share price of the other iron ore market leader, Vale, increased 34.9% over the week. The equity price action has once again... Show More

Livewire News

Following Ray Dalio's video on his understanding of the economy, Business Insider has compared the deleveraging of Europe and the US which has occurred since the GFC. The chart shows that deleveraging in the US has brought the Debt/GDP ratio down below 350%, whilst Europe's ratio remains stubbornly high. The... Show More