market cycles

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Fund managers need a distinct and reliable process to maintain their edge and keep them ahead of the index. When we sat down with Peter Rutter, Head of Global Equities at Royal London Asset Management, we asked about his strategy, which begins by sorting companies into one of five stages... Show More

James Marlay

In 2007 Howard Marks released a memo titled The Race to the Bottom, the note shared his view that investment markets are like an auction house, the item that’s up for sale goes to the person willing to pay the most. When buyers are scarce the items for sale go... Show More

Andrew Fleming

The rhythm of life is no different to the rhythm of economic and corporate cycles. The optimism of birth, the excitement of growing up, the cynicism arising from the compromises that come with maturity, the tumult of unfair turns and the joys of victory, all in turn impacting upon performance.... Show More

Amit Lodha

While in Taiwan this week, meeting with executives of the technology/smartphone value chain, my hotel room shook with earthquake tremors. It struck me that nature has a unique way of sending us mortality messages every so often. In a similar vein, hidden in all the volatility last week, ‘Mr Market’... Show More

Shane Oliver

It’s now a decade since the first problems with US sub-prime mortgages started to appear and nearly eight years since share markets hit their global financial crisis lows. From those lows in 2009 lows US shares are up 239%, global shares are up 167% and Australian shares are up 80%... Show More

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In the wake of the global financial crisis the market was supported by two pillars: high profits and low yields. Both pillars have contributed to the rally from the post-crisis S&P 500 low of 666 to around 2,150 today. However, lately there has been a turn in the markets, and... Show More

AMP Capital

Recently I was asked where we are in the cycle of investor emotion between the extremes of “euphoria” and “depression”. This is a good question, as knowing where the investment crowd is at and being wary of it is essential to successful investing. The 1980s Japanese bubble, the Asian miracle... Show More