Multi Asset

Running to Stand Still

Etienne Alexiou

On the 9th March 1987 U2 released the Joshua Tree, the fastest selling British Album of all time that went on to sell over 25 million copies. Joshua Tree is still acclaimed as one of the greatest albums of all time. Interestingly Bono considered pulling the album prior to its... Show More

‘Helicopter money’ could prove effective, but it entails significant risks

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Speaking at a news conference after the Federal Open Market Committee meeting, US Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen stated that ‘helicopter money’ could be considered under certain conditions. In Japan, with currency intervention effectively off the table for fear of accusations of being a currency manipulator, there is increasing speculation... Show More

2016 - More adjustment and rebalancing ahead (video)

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Al Clark, Nikko Asset Management's Global Head of Multi-Asset discusses why he sees further rebalancing ahead in 2016. He explores what he calls ‘the Equity Paradox’ – despite earnings growth being poor, equities keep pushing higher on the back of central bank policy. In addition, he covers the increasing importance... Show More

Multi Asset – Investors don’t need to accept we are in a low return world

Schroders Australia

The prevailing and overwhelming consensus is that we are in a “low return” world. After all, with negative bond yields prevailing in many parts of the globe and extended structural valuations evident in key equity markets, it is empirically difficult to see how many markets could deliver decent size, positive... Show More