oil and gas

Alex Shevelev

The September 2017 quarterly report spelled out a renewed bullish message from the International Fund team: the oil price is headed higher. The Australian Fund has not had as many oil exposed stocks to choose from, but we have recently added to the Fund’s oil exposure. It’s an asset heavy... Show More

Leyland Private Asset Management

Whilst we don’t see a return of Santos to a share price above $10 anytime soon, a level seen only a few years ago, we believe long term investors should be thinking of accumulating troubled situations such as this for a turnaround. Show More

Oil market participants are waiting on the outcome of the OPEC meeting to be held in Vienna next Wednesday. As the date draws closer, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission reported that bets on oil recently reached their highest level for a weekly period since 2007. Romano Sala Tenna, Portfolio Manager... Show More

John Robertson

PortfolioDirect has been publishing resource sector equity portfolio models since mid-2013 stratified to reflect the three development stages within the industry (from exploration to mature production). The segmented approach was designed to assist financial advisers to better match risk with investor profiles. PortfolioDirect also offers a macro overlay model based... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

Oil and gas company Oil Search Limited (ASX: OSH) announced today it would look to acquire InterOil Corp for US$2.2 billion. Both companies currently have extensive oil and gas acreage in Papua New Guinea, with the acquisition resulting in the creation of a “major independent PNG oil and gas champion”.... Show More